N.B.S (Natural Born Spitters) SMOKEFEST ABLUM DEBUT


N.B.S (Natural Born Spitters) releases third album, SMOKEFEST featuring: Ali VegasBishop LamontDJ GrazzhoppaEmilio TiradoMichaelaMickey BlakheartReksSharla FabulousSicknature of (Snowgoons); Slaine of (La Coka Nostra); SmileyToraeTum Tum

BOSTON, MA (November 21, 2013) – N.B.S (Natural Born Spitters) Hip Hop duo N.B.S. has long been one of the most respected lyrical duo’s in hip-hop, having released numerous mix-tapes and street albums over the past decade which have had their names buzzing in the streets across the nation. Big Bang Records has partnered with N.B.S. to release their their third debut industry full-Length “2013 : The SmokeFest” after their successful international tour in four continents within12 months  journey and along supporting cast of independent hip-hop favorites including Slaine (of La Coka Nostra), Bishop Lamont (Dr. Dre’s mentee), Reks, and Torae, a supporting multi-national tour and a hungry fan base the sky is the limit for N.B.S.


Follow www.twitter.com/NtheBS

Watch www.youtube.com/NtheBS1


For more information, or for press inquiries, contact FuturisticSoulMusic at 617.297.8179 or FuturisticSoulMusic@gmail.com 


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